OCR Premium Access
Offerings 2023

$5,000 /yr


Senior Corporate Affairs Summit Tues, Dec 5, 2023

Midyear Summit Tues, May 16, 2023

1- Exclusive peer-to-peer gatherings
2- Insight Reports, Summary, Personal Debriefs
3- Invitations to encore roundtables

$12,500 /yr


Base-level offering, plus 

1- Invitations to member-requested roundtables
2- Convene your own 1-hour roundtable
3- OCR research reports

$20,000 /yr


Mid-tier offering, plus Case studies, Benchmarks, Business cases, Tech stack solutions, Deeper access

1- Shape the future of the corporate affairs (C.A.) function
2- Serve on the founding executive advisory council w/20 of your peers
3- 1/2 day annual gathering with your agenda
4- Access to leading scholars from ivy league top tier business schools

  • curated catalogue of all post-covid executive education
  • directory of over 300 corporate affairs-related research centers
  • directory of leading corporate affairs researchers
  • match-making to your research & insights needs

5- Shared access available for senior leaders of your team
6- Premium newsletter focused on curated C.A. insights from top.

OCR's Global Corporate Affairs Senior Advisory Council

OCR's Charter Global Corporate Affairs Senior Advisory Council members include