If you were given the floor...
The undivided attention of your peers,
What would you ask them?

The Corporate Affairs Hot Seat



Presents a pressing problem, challenge, need or opportunity to invited delegates


​​​​​​​​​​​Provides input, direction & guidance to their peers


Re-engages with those providing the most value for post-gathering follow up

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Craig E Carroll, Ph.D.

Craig is Founder and Executive Director of the OCR a research think tank and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange forum for current and former heads of corporate affairs and corporate communications of leading global firms. He is Lecturer of Strategic Management in the Rice University’s Jones, Graduate School of Business, Communications Institute Leader at The Conference Board’s Marketing and Communications Center.


– A cultivated list of your peers ready and willing to engage

– Unique format that fosters discussions and dialogue, instead of lecture-style, listening to speakers

– Formal and informal networking built into the program design

– A safe, closed environment, off-the-record, non-attribution (Chatham House Rule)

– Breakfast, Lunch, + Closing Reception


– Candid, confidential, relevant, and actional input

– High-level discussion on strategy + execution

– Direction, clarity, and validation

– A finger-on-the-pulse of what your peers are thinking and doing

– A focus on solutions and take-aways to take back to the office

Tue. May 17, 2022
9:00 AM EST
3:00 PM EST

Corporate Affairs
Executive and Chief
​​​​​​​Communications Officer

OCR Auditorium

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For further information contact Craig Carroll at craigecarroll@ocrnetwork.com