Pilot Takeaways

Key Takeaways: China’s Overseas Listings

Key Takeaways:

1. China Reasserts Control Over Overseas Listings
  • Action: The Chinese Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issues new rules for overseas listings of companies.
  • Context: This decision comes after a 20-month standstill on overseas listings, allowing a resumption of foreign fundraising for mainland companies.
  • Significance: The move demonstrates China’s intent to maintain a strong grip on its businesses, highlighting its state power in global financial interactions.


overseas listings; CSRC; VIE; data security; IPO; foreign capital; domestic approvals; offshore exchanges.


  • Bank of America (USA, New York)
  • Seda Experts (N.A., N.A.)


  • China
  • USA
  • Hong Kong (part of China)


  • Craig Coben (Author)
  • Philip Oakey (Human League Singer, UK)


New regulations by the Chinese Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC)

Companies in the USA Most Affected:

US-based investment banks and financial institutions that facilitate overseas listings. Tech companies and other enterprises looking to expand or collaborate with Chinese businesses.

Key Lesson for Corporate Affairs:

Companies aiming for overseas listings, particularly in regions like China, must be agile and ready to adapt to changing regulatory environments, understanding the political and economic undercurrents that drive such decisions.