CCCO-COVID-19 Summit
Coronavirus COVID-19 Response
Get timely feedback and insights from your same-level peers without interference from agencies, media or self-proclaimed experts

and still focus on your most pressing issues in the office this week.
The CCO COVID-19 Summit is a time-sensitive, set of masterminds to workshop real-time pressing issues.
"The Hotseat was the most efficient, effective, streamlined, value-added days out of the office in years." --2019 Corporate Affairs Hotseat participant
You set your personal agenda. Come with your Qs, leave with your As.

Get time-sensitive responses to new issues and questions popping up today

Feedback and validation on what you are facing today

Identify blindspots


Learn from the experiences of others, rather than your own trial and error


Extend your personal network of peers who can support you


Maintain your focus on decisions that need to be made in the office this week


Minimal technical start-up issues

A curated list of peers
Privacy, confidentiality (Chatham House rule)
Moderators level-the-playing field among equals and keep the group focused and moving
Each table sets the agenda with their own questions
Start on time, leave on time

Moderators report back to OCR offline to save you time

Curated insights shared back to you before next call

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