OCR Network Offering

Senior Corporate Affairs Summit 2022 /
Mid-Year Senior Corporate Affairs Summit 2023

Two curated one-day gatherings of senior-level peers over 12 months
  • A cross-section of peers outside of your network and industry
  • Validation on your most pressing issues, opportunities or roadblocks
  • Clarity, direction, momentum for next steps
  • Close proximity to wide-range of perspectives
  • Insights couched to provide evidence and support for sharing with your leadership teams
  • Confidence and support from candid, off-record streamlined discussions on your chosen topics
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OCR Network Founding Member
Everything above plus:
  • Invitations to member-requested roundtables on breaking issues:
    1. Curated list, experts or authorities
    2. Topics from 2021: Russia's (potential) invasion, return-to-the office, talent development, structuring the function, future of work
  • Request your own 1-hr roundtable
    1. We work with you to assemble agenda + invite list
  • Executive briefings on public issues and research trends
  • Quarterly networking gatherings for chiefs of staff, executive assistants, and personal assistants
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Global Corporate Affairs Network Executive Advisory Council Founding Member
Everything above plus:
  • Shape the future of the corporate affairs function
  • Serve on the founding executive advisory council with 20 of your peers
  • Half-day annual gathering with your agenda
  • Access to leading scholars from ivy league top tier business schools
  • Curated catalog of all post-Covid19 executive education
  • Directory of over 300 corporate affairs-related research centers
  • Directory of leading corporate affairs researchers
  • Match-making to your research & insights needs
  • Shared access available for senior leaders of your team
  • Premium newsletter focused on curated C.A. insights from top
  • Case studies, benchmarks, business cases, tech stack solutions, deeper access
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