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OCR Premium Access Offerings 2023

By Invitation Only

OCR Network Premium Membership

Exclusive, ongoing, peer-to-peer access For CxOs operating at the nexus of business, politics, and society

The OCR Network offers the opportunity to join a curated group of top-level peers who are defining the future of business, politics, and society under the Chatham House rule. This CxO executive peer group enables collaboration and knowledge sharing around the expansion of business functions (e.g., communications, corporate affairs, social impact, HR, marketing, cybersecurity, ESG and sustainability, DEI, public policy, government relations, philanthropy, etc.).

Our Premium Membership Tier includes all OCR Network Membership benefits with ongoing critical dialogue, direct peer advisory and counsel on today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing global issues.

High-level Features and Benefits

Your Own Ad-hoc Peer CxO Advisory Council

Direct access to candid, supportive leaders from CxOs operating at business, politics, and society with coverage across multiple functions.

Founding Members Include...

OCR Network and Portal.

Access available beginning February 2023

Ongoing access to curated peers from OCR gatherings, including access to leading scholars, research insights, and executive education from ivy league top tier business, law, public administration, and sustainability schools.

Key Topics include: Social political advocacy, Return to office, Racial equity, Geopolitical, Digital transformation; Cybersecurity, Sustainability, ESG, Talent acquisition, development and retention, Midterm elections, Measurement, Leadership, Digital Analytics, etc.

CxO+ Summits and Knowledge Exchange Forums

Illustrating the Caliber of OCR’s Network and Recent Summit Registrants

By Invitation Only