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The premier community for former senior leaders of communications and corporate affairs from the world's leading companies
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Operating outside the corporate structure doesn't mean operating without a net...or a network.

The Senior Corporate Affairs Network (SCAN) is the premier network for independent senior corporate affairs and communication professionals looking to connect with their peers, stay engaged, and get support for what's next.

Exclusive Expert Calls

Twice each month, we bring in an expert to dive into advanced topics of interest to you.

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Getting Back into Corporate
Keep up with the latest trends in applying, hiring practices, & interviewing. Learn who is hiring.
Structured Learning

You’ll get access to SCAN’s growing library of frameworks and training to support you, updated weekly.

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Independent Consulting
Use the network to meet people with skill sets to supplement your own. Develop your team.
24/7 Community Access

The curated community means you are surrounded by executive leaders who are just like you. 

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Commercialize Your Knowledge and Experience
Learn how to commercialize your experience through online courses, podcasts, public speaking, writing, and freelancing.
Seeking Corporate Boards
Gain access to resources and network to help you prepare for, apply, and interview for corporate boards.
Network + Get Input on Ideas
Use the network to share and give referrals, ask for input, and get feedback.
Do It Yourself or Done For You
Get referrals and advice on building your own platform (website, software-as-service, marketing automation), virtual assistants, with options to have done for you
Mentoring + Sharing Life Experiences
Learn about ways to share your life experience with universities, other companies, and conferences.
Give Back
Give back to your peers in the community. Learn new ways to share the wealth of your experiences and help others
(Semi) Retired
Stay active. Keep learning. Meet new people. Share the wealth of your experiences.
Which way do you want to join?
Full Benefits
A dedicated space for gathering online
Through OCR's digital platform, the community will have monthly gatherings on topics of interest. Members can hold ad-hoc meetings with other members, and the option to host your own gatherings.
Craig E Carroll, Ph.D.
Craig is Founder and Director of the OCR Network, a research think tank and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange forum for current heads of corporate affairs and corporate communications of leading firms. He is Lecture of Strategic Management in the Rice University Graduate School of Business and Communications Institute Leader at The Conference Board.