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The Perfect Virtual Meeting Solution for Hybrid-Remote Human Resources Teams

Auditorium helps you create virtual meetings, onboarding sessions, team building activities and more for your remote-hybrid team, just like you would in real life; walk around the virtual workspace, have real water cooler discussions, and create natural interactions with your team members.

Engaging Virtual Environments For Hybrid-Remote Teams

Hybrid-remote workplaces have one common problem: Employee engagement. Why? People can’t see each other every day and form natural friendships and relationships at work. But with Remo, they can!

Auditorium makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Zoom or Microsoft Teams are great for video conferencing and video calls, but to really give your employees real-time natural interactions, and tremendously improve the employee experience, you need Remo.

Recreate your own branded space, or any fun workspace your remote employees will love, and have all your meetings, happy hours, team building activities, corporate announcements, employee onboarding, all in the same engaging platform.

From one-on-one discussions with employees, to lunch and learns, or even virtual retreats, you can have all your remote-hybrid team events in one beautiful interactive space that enables natural conversations and interactions.

Leverage additional Auditorium uses for remote workplace:

  • To help you create meaningful connections between employees, as if they were on-premises
  • To create engaging and fun events from happy hours, to corporate presentations, game nights, or workshops and therefore increase engagement in your remote workforce
  • To optimize hybrid work and user experience
  • To improve remote employees satisfaction and teamwork on different projects
  • To improve communication and messaging across your remote workforce
  • To optimize device management; All corporate meetings in the same space, no more notifications & meeting links from multiple different tools.

Want to know how Auditorium could be the perfect virtual workspace for all your hybrid-remote meetings, team building activities, video conferencing and more?

Some Auditorium Use Cases for Human Resources

Happy Hour

Team building and employee engagement is a whole new challenge when your team work remotely, here’s how Auditorium can help you create the perfect virtual happy hour!

Virtual Meeting

You now have remote teams, and virtual events replaced the classic workplace face-to-face meetings. But Auditorium can make virtual meetings just as awesome as the real deal.

Virtual Onboarding

Create a virtual onboarding process your new hires will love.

Virtual Retreat

With the rise of remote work, you may think of moving your in-person retreat to a virtual event. If you want to have fun team building activities and an engaging company retreat, Auditorium is the perfect event platform for you.

Virtual Team Building

Auditorium enables you to replace face-to-face team bonding with virtual team building activities; you can walk around the virtual workspace, have real water cooler discussions with your co-workers, and then have a fun trivia night or a virtual happy hour.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

You probably moved your Town Hall meetings to virtual events. But you want to share your business updates while keeping a fun, engaging company culture. Auditorium is the perfect event platform for you.

Virtual Training

You want to provide a true learning experience to your remote team members? Auditorium offers the perfect e-learning training solution for you.

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