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OCR Network Premium MembershipExclusive, ongoing, peer-to-peer access
For CxOs operating at the nexus of business, politics, and society

The OCR Network offers the opportunity to join a curated group of top-level peers who are defining the future of business, politics, and society under the Chatham House rule. This CxO executive peer group enables collaboration and knowledge sharing around the expansion of business functions (e.g., communications, corporate affairs, social impact, HR, marketing, cybersecurity, ESG and sustainability, DEI, public policy, government relations, philanthropy, etc.). Our Premium Membership Tier includes all OCR Network Membership benefits with ongoing critical dialogue, direct peer advisory and counsel on today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing global issues.

High-level Features and Benefits

  • Direct access to a vetted, trusted curated group of CxOs from the Senior Corporate Affairs Summit (SCAS) who embrace OCR candor and confidentiality
  • Peer-to-peer executive counsel and life hacks for clarity, confidence and certainty
  • Emerging practices for co-creating business and societal value
  • Centralized repository of high level connections that grow with you
  • Real time matching, alignment and invitations to Peer Network expertise contributing sessions to support your team’s needs
  • Inside access, early access, and involvement in case studies, research white papers
  • Conduct your own polling on key topics

Your Own Ad-hoc Peer CxO Advisory Council

Direct access to candid, supportive leaders from CxOs operating at business, politics, and society with coverage across multiple functions.

  • Keeping momentum and access to SCAS attendees  year round
  • OCR 1:1 real time counsel with colleagues across multiple industries and coverage
  • Ad-hoc advisory on career transitions (interim roles, transition resources, referrals etc)
  • Participate in global research agenda formation (direct peer counsel on key issues and advanced access to debriefs)
  • Support and validation for your key organizational initiatives
  • Gain awareness of what else you need to be thinking about
  • Real time insights and access to peers for counsel and triage on pressing issues
  • Draw upon Craig Carroll’s ongoing insight interviews with your peers
  • All ongoing OCR Network Membership Benefits listed on the next page

Custom Insights for Emerging Practices and Benchmarking Research

  • Source from OCR’s proprietary CxOs peer surveys, contextual 1:1 debriefs and corporate-environmental monitoring
  • Customized breakout reporting by dimensions that matter most to you
  • Recommendations, referrals and evaluations for tech stacks, agencies, and service providers

Founding Members Include...

OCR Network Membership 

OCR’s Network Membership includes function-related resources for access to proprietary research, emerging practices, referrals and curation. Also included are exclusive peer-to-peer gatherings including the Senior Corporate Affairs Summit, Mid Year Summit and additional executive convenings.

OCR Network and Portalaccess available beginning February 2023

Ongoing access to curated peers from OCR gatherings, including access to leading scholars, research insights, and executive education from ivy league top tier business, law, public administration, and sustainability schools.

  • Access to function-related resources: case studies, benchmarks, business cases, tech stack solutions, and emerging capabilities
  • Directory of over 300 corporate affairs-related research centers and leading corporate affairs researchers
  • Repository of re-contextualized insight summaries with material and actionable highlights from the world’s top agencies
  • Match-making to your research and insights needs
  • Your own rolodex of vetted, supportive peers, their areas of expertise and interest
  • Curated catalog of top b-school executive education preparing you for your next role
  • Business cases, use cases and candid case studies- peer generated, edited, and curated
  • OCR’s newsletter focused on top-level corporate affairs insights
  • Shared access will be available for senior leaders of your team and staff per request
Key Topics include: Social political advocacy, Return to office, Racial equity, Geopolitical, Digital transformation; Cybersecurity, Sustainability, ESG, Talent acquisition, development and retention, Midterm elections, Measurement, Leadership, Digital Analytics, etc.

CxO+ Summits and Knowledge Exchange Forums

  • Invitations to encore roundtable discussions and member-requested roundtables
  • Convene your own 1-hour roundtable discussion
  • Matching with industry colleagues for customized requests
  • Access to ongoing debriefs with peers (real-time insights)
  • Advisory 1:1 phone consultations and introductions
  • Breakout gatherings for CCO+ , Policy, CMO, CHRO, Social Impact, etc.
  • Quarterly online gathering of Chiefs of Staff and Executive Assistants
  • Shared knowledge and insights generated through previous gatherings
  • Proprietary benchmarking and best and emerging practices research

Illustrating the Caliber of OCR’s Network and Recent Summit Registrants

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By Invitation Only