Humanize the Online Experience

OCR Auditorium is the perfect virtual meeting and team building solution for your remote team; you can walk around the virtual workspace, have real water cooler discussions and meetings just like you would in person.

Real connections created through online events

Deliver an immersive experience that feels like everyone's in the same room with built-in engagement tools that allow you to connect with your guests in meaningful ways.
Stop presenting blindly. Engage with your audience and read their energy by seeing their emojis appear over their profile pictures.

Create unique virtual experiences with fully customizable floor plans

Configure floor plan designs to match your brand and meet the needs of your particular gathering Craft functional gathering spaces with style by arranging table seating configurations from 2-16* people Create unique environments to encourage networking, workshops, conferences, and more

How we make your virtual event successful

No download,
Browser-based app

Skip the hassle of downloading and installing yet another app. Bring your guests into your event in seconds with just a click of a link.

24/7 real-time
Human support

Our most human feature: we’ve got your back at all times with Auditorium experts available at the click of a button.


Your data and events are safe with us. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

See OCR Auditorium in Action

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