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The Right Platform for All Your Virtual Events

Auditorium is the perfect platform to host all your online events, from virtual conferences, to expos and networking events.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Auditorium makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Tools like Zoom are great for meetings or a quick video chat, but if you want to improve your attendee experience, you need an event technology that will enable you to walk around different tables or virtual booths in real-time, have meaningful discussions with other attendees and have a natural event experience just like in-person events.

With Remo, there’s no breakout rooms, it’s way better, you simply walk around a custom floor plan. Your attendees can visit exhibitor booths, attend breakout sessions, and then you can bring them to your livestream, present a webinar, a keynote, or bring people on stage to share their takeaways.
The virtual experience you have with Auditorium is perfect for all types of virtual events.‍

Why use Auditorium if you’re an event planner?

  • To help you create meaningful connections just like in-person experiences in a virtual environment.
  • To create engaging and fun events from happy hours, scavenger hunts, improv night, and more with a gamification platform.
  • To reach a global audience your physical event could never hope to reach.
  • To gather post-event data and event recordings on your virtual event app.
  • To make hosting live events and event management easy.
  • To have a very shareable virtual event on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter hashtags) and for your event marketing.
  • To optimize your event planning, and be prepared in case of another pandemic.
  • To have great sponsorship capabilities, you can even follow-up after the event with their sponsor banner data on demand.
  • To stop people from having the “zoom doom” or “microsoft teams despair” with the best virtual event out there, not a video conferencing tool.

Key features you’ll love:

  • Custom floor plans: Have your colors, logo, and very own ambiance that you know your attendees will love. You can even recreate the in-person setting of your event, a beach, or anything else you’d like!
  • Custom table sizes: Have different group sizes for different functionality: one-on-one discussions, speed networking, video conference, expos or webinars.
  • Presentation mode: You can bring people to stage, share your screen, they can react to the presentation with remojis, possibilities are endless
  • Networking mode: Your attendees can walk around and discuss as they please with anyone. You can even shuffle tables or set timers.
  • Secure access to whiteboards: Our integration with the Miro app enables you to create whiteboards during your meetings and collaborate, perfect for games and icebreakers.
  • No need for an IT team: You don’t need an IT team to set Auditorium up, it’s super easy-to-use, cost-effective and with a top notch customer experience from our contact center.

You can use Auditorium for ALL your different virtual events


Some Auditorium Use Cases for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Have your live event and virtual event play together perfectly with the right hybrid event platform.

Virtual Conference

From hybrid events to online conferences and trade shows, Auditorium is the perfect virtual event platform for all your interactive events.

Virtual Expo

No other virtual event platform enable you to create a virtual exhibition just like real life.

Virtual Networking

You’re planning a virtual networking event and need a good virtual event platform? We got you!

Virtual Summit

Create an online event like no other with your own virtual summit platform.


Auditorium is the best webinar software for your online event

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